Real Forni Ovens

VapoTech combines the superlative baking performance of the VapoReal oven with today’s needs for the compact dimensions, oven temperature flexibility and low energy consumption of the latest bread-making technologies and typologies.
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Thanks to the well-tested steam tube heating, the new VT2, the latest evolution in the VapoTech series is an ideal partner in modern bread-making. This model uses no fewer than three heat distribution channels of the latest design, the first two in refractory material, simply the best for robustness and insulating capacity, and the third, thanks to its small cross-section, accelerates the smoke, so as to achieve additional heat exchange and guarantee extremely low energy consumption. In addition, the slanted passage of the first channel allows the oven to achieve maximum uniformity in baking. The raised base on which the oven sits allows the oven to be moved, even once it has been fully assembled, therefore providing maximum flexibility over time.

Construction materials are of the highest quality: the AISI 304 stainless steel, the adjusting and closing smoke shutter, the special dividers between the chambers, the pratical door-opening levers, as well as the remarkable standard and optional accessories. All of which make the Real Forni VapoTech VT2 oven a safe and trustworthy working companion.
Worthy of special note is the integrated manual S2 loading shovel, supplied as an accessory. Thanks to its lightness, it is easy to handle.